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8 DIY Projects that Reduce, Reuse and Reinvigorate for Earth Day

Earth Day is right around the corner. This is not the kind of holiday where you decorate an elaborate tree or wear a costume. This is a holiday that was put in place to make us more aware of our environment and how we can take care of it better. As crafters and members of the DIY community we can help too. Rather than running out to the store to buy more things I encourage you to look around your house, even in the garbage can, and see if you can create something from an item you already have. Something like junk mail that might have gone to a landfill can become a gorgeous set of coasters. Old stained T-shirts can be made into fabulous necklaces. Even last night's pizza box can become something new if you look at with crafty recycling eyes. I have compiled a few of my favorite I Love to Create projects that reduce, reuse and recycle with style and whimsey.

Anyone with kids knows that clothing comes and goes quickly. Long ago I turned my nose up to buying my kids new clothing knowing how quickly they would either grow out of it or stain it. Donating old clothing is one option, but Heather Mann came up with an even better way to breathe new life into a vest and T-shirt.
Did you see the interview with Marisa Lynch? This girl keeps it real Earth Day style with her blog New Dress a Day.
Old board games are so much fun to recycle. I have made them into shelves and jewelry. I adore the way Amanda Formaro made an old game of Scrabble fun again, on the fridge.
Instead of buying a new office chair Kathy Cano Murillo gave the one she had a fancy Crafty Chica style makeover.
Tanner Bell recycles in the shape of California. Love this rolled magazine project, I want to do one in the shape of Texas!
Old tye-dye shirts are transformed into trendy fringe necklaces by Jade Harrington.
I get so much junk mail. Don't we all. I love the idea of recycling that mail into something new and fun like these coiled paper coasters from Megan Nicolay.
Part of the beauty of Earth Day is celebrating all that nature has to offer. Kids these days don't spend near enough time outside in nature. Pattie Wack has a great DIY idea for recycling an old pizza box into a nature collection.
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