Tuesday, August 3

Tacky Tuesdays: Tacky goes Back to School

Yeah, it's once again another year! Time to put away my surf board in exchange for my pencil, paper, and books. I have a class clown reputation to maintain so I have to aid in a little mischief here and there. I have been spread countless times inside the desk while the teacher didn't notice. It really wasn't me doing it, I swear! I can't help that kids like to squeeze me! I'm NOT going to detention when I was simply minding my own beeswax!

And on that note, I leave you with the opening to the cinematic gem "Grease 2". This little number is so bad it's good. Michelle Pfeiffer in her best work. By the way, I totally want to learn these dance moves! I would totally be able to rock them at the first school dance of the year!

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