Tuesday, June 7

Beaded Clutch

I have been really excited to try "Beads in a Bottle" ever since I heard about and it I've been scheming some ideas of how to use it.  Today I'm going to show you this beaded clutch I made.

I have this fabric that I've been saving because I love it so much.  Today I whipped it out and sewed a quick clutch out of it.

Then I embellished the flap of the clutch with the Beads in a Bottle Paint.  It comes in a tube and you squeeze it out, forming little dots that end up looking like you stitched on beads.  I took some scratch paper and practiced a little bit before doing it on the purse.  The instructions are easy.  When you first pull upward it looks more like a raindrop (pointed at the top) but then it settles down and dries like a sphere.  It's really fun stuff and it comes in lots of colors.

You can use it to create designs on plain fabric, but I thought it would be fun to add it to a patterned fabric like this.  I only embellished the flap of the clutch because I thought it looked more authentic that way.

Here's a closeup of what it ends up looking like.

Perfect for a girl's night out.

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Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

What a great project! Adds a nice touch to the clutch without all the hand sewing.

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