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ILoveToCreate Teen Crafts: Tie-Dye Tulip socks

Tie-Dye Tulip socks

ILoveToCreate Teen Crafts
Tie Dye Tulip Socks
Avalon Potter
"Teen crafted, mom approved."

I have a confession to make; I have a knee high sock obsession. They fill my drawers, they are scattered across my room, and they are even on my feet right now! I had been trying out an idea with tie dye and I had so much left over I scoured my room for something else to dye. After I had dyed the socks and another white shirt I put it the wash and anxiously awaited the result. When I saw the original shirt I realized it was not going to work out so I grabbed my socks and thought up a new design!

One Step Tie-Dye Classic
White knee high socks
Aleenes fabric fusion
White shirt (Use an old white shirt since you will be cutting it)



1. Follow the instructions in the kit for the folding technique on your pair of socks.

2. Next for your shirt follow the swirl technique instructions in the kit.

3. Let the shirt and socks sit for 5-6 hours as per instructions. Take the rubber bands off and wash and dry them.

4. Take your shirt and cut off the seam on the bottom (this will be the flower). It should be about 12 inches long and ¾ inch wide. You will need two pieces.

5. Tie a knot at the end of the strip and begin twisting and rolling the strip around the knot, dabbing glue as you roll.

6. Continue rolling, twisting and gluing until you reach the end then attach the end to the back of the flower.

7. Sew the back of the flower to the top of the sock.

8. Enjoy wearing your amazing tie dye socks!

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