Friday, August 19

Puffy Paint to the Rescue!

Our photographer Jasen Master emailed me today, and I just HAD to share it with all of you!
Here's what he wrote:
"A quick email to let you know that I did something so incredible with Puffy Paint yesterday. As you both know I'm a cyclist. I rely heavily on my prescription sunglasses while riding my bike and two days ago the rubber nose bridge in them became unusable due to sweat, etc. I couldn't order a new one and sit around without my sunglasses so the most amazing idea came to me… PUFFY PAINT!"

"We had an old sample bottle here in the studio so I strategically and carefully placed a couple of thick rows around the nose piece. I let it dry during the day and what would ya know… IT WORKED SO SO SO well! A new nose piece for my sunglasses using Tulip Puffy Paint!"  Jasen

Jasen we LOVE, love, LoVe this brilliant idea, and we now pronounce you as our
Man Crafter of the DAY!

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