Thursday, August 25

Thrifting with a Crafty First Aid Kit

I can't tell you how many times I have seen something at a thrift store or flea market, fell in love and then realized it was damaged. Stained clothing, chipped paint or in my case peeling eye lashes *insert sound of needle scratching off a record here* yup I said peeling eyelashes. A stash of handy craft supplies is all that stands between you and perfect thrift store scores. Today for I Love to Create, I'll give you a few of my recent examples.

Hello Mr. Turtle Planter, when our eyes met it was kitsch love at first site. It was one of those moments where I could not grab him off the shelf quick enough for fear someone lurking nearby would swoop in and steal him from me. Needless to say there was no one around, but if there had been they would have surely wanted Terry I know it.

ANYWAY - Terry looks like he has had a bit of a rough night and is losing some of his eyelash glue. My first instinct was that he was damaged and I should not buy him since the lashes were one of the selling points (as if the bow time and hat were not enough). Then I thought to myself with a quick touch up using Tacky Glue Terry could be restored to his once glamourous self.

I recently started to notice that at the thrift store there is a distinct lack of clothing in 2T and 3T. Anyone who has a toddler knows why, clothing rarely makes it through toddler-hood unscathed. I can't tell you how many pieces of clothing Tallulah has ripped, stained and torn.

That being the case my theory is that there is hardly ever any toddler clothing worth donating to be much more than a rag. When I found this little black, white and teal top I was so excited at it's cuteness. I was not so excited about the small stains.

A few squirts of Tulip Spray Paint and I not only continued the ombre dye effect I also covered the stain and made the shirt even cuter. With Baxter venturing into the world of solid foods I expect I will be covering lot's of stained onesies with a quick dye job fix.

I love vintage glass art deco picture frames, the problem is finding them in pristine condition is not always an easy task. The frames often time are chipped and missing paint.

Never again should you snub a frame of any kind for a little chipped paint. All you need is a little Crafty Chica Paint and chips be gone.

Next time you find a second hand treasure that looks like it was loved a little too hard don't turn it away. Think of your crafty first aid kit and how you can easily make it new and improved!

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Barbara said...

You've certainly given us all some inspiration as to what we can do with a few crafts and some creativity to make our thrift store finds special buys!!

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