Tuesday, March 6

Double Dipped Glitter Skirt

My sister will be having her first little girl this week, which gives me the opportunity to use a bit of glitter in my crafting.  I made her this tiny glitter outfit, with a little salute to her superhero-loving brothers.

I started with a plain shirt and skirt (which I got from Wal-mart).  I used my Tulip Glitter transfer sheets.  The beauty of these sheets is that you can do glitter without the mess.

I started by cutting one inch strips out of the glitter sheets.  (In hindsight, I probably should have cut the pieces a little curved rather than straight.  The ruffles on the skirt were slightly rounded.)

I peeled off the clear protective top and then ironed the strips onto the skirt.  I found it was easiest to cut the strips into smaller pieces to apply them.  The glitter sheets can overlap each other a bit and you'll never notice it.  

To apply them you place a cloth over the top and press the iron onto it for 30-45 seconds.  

I made my way around both layers of the skirt until it was finished.

For the top I made an emblem like Superman, but changed it to an "M," since her name will be Millie.  Super Millie!  I used the glitter that matched the shirt, so it wasn't too loud.

Now she'll have a glamorous girly look, with a brother-approved superhero signature.

Thanks for dropping in.

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