Monday, May 21

iLoveToCreate Retrofabulous Crafts: Cheers Cocktail Coasters

iLoveToCreate Retrofabulous Crafts: Cheers! Cork Coasters
Margot Potter
“These are your grandmother’s crafts.  Ya gotta problem with that?”

Nothing says retro like cocktail parties, a delightful custom that is rapidly disappearing.  What could be more festive than a few friends, some fondue, hors d’oevres and a litany of libations?  What indeed.  Whatever your poison, be it leaded or ‘un’, these perky little coasters will turn any occasion from drab to fab in seconds flat!  Cheers!

Conversation bubble stencil (I used a Shape Template from Fiskars)
Fine tipped black marker
Tulip sponge pouncer
Small flat paintbrush
Small tipped paintbrush

Trace conversation bubble on front of coasters using a fine tipped black marker.

Carefully paint black edges around bubble.  A flat brush is the best choice for this task.'

Paint the inside of the bubble white, use flat brush for larger sections and small brush to get into smaller spots.  Allow paint to dry.

Use a foam pouncer to apply a small amount of paint to letter stamp, be careful not to get paint on stamp edge.  Stamp words on each coaster, these can be a little wonky as this is a cocktail accessory! After dry, spray with two coats of matte acrylic sealer. 

Cheers, clink, sip and savor...the four components of a successful toast!

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Craft on!


JoJo said...

My Achilles Heal in rubber stamping is that problem of getting ink on the edges of the stamp. Any tips on how to avoid that are appreciated!

Margot Potter said...

Me too! I think it comes down to pausing and looking at the stamp and wiping amy excess edge ink off before stamping.

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