Tuesday, November 13

Glitter Peter Pan Collared Tee

The other while browsing some children's clothing I came upon this shirt from JCrew and I thought it was so cute.  

I knew it would be easy to recreate using glitter instead of sequins, so I went to work and made this.

Here's how I did it.  I purchased a plain $4 tee.  It had a pocket, which I carefully removed.  You can see the outline of it here, but when you wash it it will disappear.

I laid some paper over the shirt and sketched a collar.  I cut it and adjusted it until it fit correctly.  I also took the paper and folded it in half to make sure my drawing was symmetrical.

Then I traced my collar onto my Tulip Glitter Transfer Sheets.

I double-checked the fit....

...and then peeled off the top layer.

I set a sheet over the collar and then ironed it on place.

And that was it.  I like $4 a lot more than $42.

Dress it up or down.  I think it would be cute to sew on a couple of little buttons along the middle strip.


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