Friday, February 15

Embellish your iPad cover!

"Eh, I don't need one of those," I said. Inside, as I watched my creative friends dabble away on their iPads, I secretly longed for one. There was no legitimate reason for me to splurge on an iPad. I wanted one, but could certainly live without. But that didn't stop me from entering contests to win one. And my friends, I'm here to tell you - that day finally arrived!It was at CHA last month in Anaheim. I attended a blogger party for FloraCraft, yes to see all their fancy new products (great use with Aleene's Original Tacky Glue!), but also because they were giving away an iPad Mini. When I wrote my name onthe entry form. I almost folded it up, but then added one more sentence under my name: PICK ME!!!

It worked! When I found out I won, I squealed, jumped in the air and did the Price is Right money dance. When I got home, of course I had to buy a cover. Of course I had to embellish it!

There are a gazillion ways to personalize your iPad cover. You can stud it outpaint your dog's portrait on it, give it a decoden makeover, or add your monogram.

As for me, I decided to add a stripe of multi-colored crystals!
To get this look, you'll need:
OR if you have a fabric surface, you can use

Start at one end of your case. Spread the glue over a one-inch area and begin to apply the crystals one-at-a-time. For the multi-colored look,make sure to mix up the colors in a random pattern. Keep working one-square at a time, otherwise the glue will dry before you can apply the crystals and create a gunky mess.
I used the stitched stripe that was already on the cover as a guide. Maybe later I'll add more, but for right now, I really like how it looks! My husband even got in on the fun and painted a cover in his Day of the Dead style! He used our Tulip Soft® Fabric Paint!


Vikki Araiza said...

I love your stuff!

Nicole Megan said...

Such a good idea. I was looking for iPad covers and it never even crossed my mind to personalize it myself, thanks!

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