Wednesday, April 15

How to Bling-Up a Lamp

Happy Hump Day! Jaderbomb here and I am super stoked to show you what I made with my new tool from I Love to Create! Now I am from the South (DEEP SOUTH) and if you know anything about us cajuns then you know we LOVE everything jazzed up.  No kidding, we bedazzle anything and everything. The only problem is you have to BUY everything jazzed up already and you are sorta limited to what you can get. NOT ANYMORE Y'ALL!!!!

Today I am going to show you a snazzy little tool that will allow you to put jewels EVERYWHERE! 
I have so many ideas to use this for. Since Summer is right around the corner you can buy a plain bathing suit and add these jewels to the top part, decorate a onesie, an I-pad case, a pillow case and so much more. 

This is also a really great craft for kids to do. Just make sure they are monitored because this tool gets REALLY HOT and we don't want them to burn themselves. How cute would that be!
Let's get started!!!

All you need for this project is:
The tip on this heat setting tool gets very hot so be careful. It also has a little place on the tip for the crystal to fit right in. 
 The nice thing about this tool is it has this switch to turn it on and off! So nice!
 For this project I am using these glamorous rainbow jewels! If you notice the beads in the background they are all clear, those are another option for you! But I LOVE rainbow!
  When you flip the jewels over you will notice they have a gray glue on them. This is what heats up and allows the jewel to stick on things!
 Start by plugging in your heat setting tool and turning it on. Once it is heated up You will place the jewels where you want on the surface and place the tool directly on top of it. I hold it for about 15 seconds. Once it gets really heated you can leave it on for about 8 seconds. It works SO good!
 How gorgeous is this! It looks like something you would buy in a store! 

Get ready for everyone to come to your house and ask you where you bought it from! You will be like... "GIRL I MADE THAT MYSELF".....

This heat setting tool is also a great gift to give someone! I love getting things that I can actually use, ya know! 

Since I love all of you so much I just wanted to let you know that "NOLA" my baby silkie died. She had become my new mascot and made one appearance on my Blog... If you want to see how beautiful she was click here

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you have ANY questions feel free to leave them in the comment section below! Big hugs! Hey! Wanna learn how to finger knit, come see!
  Huge glittery hugs, JADERBOMB
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