Tuesday, October 9

the "All By Myself" Tee - part 2

Due to the great response on the original "All By Myself Tee," I thought I'd show you a different version that's just as easy for kids to make.  My kids are getting a little older and more than having me make something for them, their greatest thrill is when I let them make something for themselves.  This one even my three-year-old was able  to do.

We got some blank tees and I got out some painter's tape.  I taped diagonal lines on both shirts as shown.  I even extended the tape a little so that the actual was taped to the table.  That way it wouldn't shift on them if they got a little aggressive with the paintbrush :)

Then I got out a plate of Tulip fabric paint for each boy.  I picked colors they liked, but also ones that I thought would work well on the shirt they had.  Then I let them go for it.  

They actually did pretty well.  The paint went under the tape in a couple little spots, but the overall t-shirt design lends itself to that messy skater look.  The boys also mixed colors as they painted, which turned out really cool.  It's funny how they are so unlimited in their design process as kids.  They just have fun.  If their paint was really blotchy I smoothed it over for them, but other than that they did it themselves.

I think their favorite part was taking off the tape.  Then they begged to try on the shirts.  We got out a blowdryer to speed up the dry time.  

And they were pretty impressed with themselves.

This is how they roll.

And that's a wrap.

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