Wednesday, December 26

Butterfly Kisses DIY Silk Pouch

Butterfly Kisses DIY Silk Pouch
Margot Potter for iLovetoCreate

The fabulous Miss Crafty Chica shared this technique with me this past summer and I absolutely love it!  All you need is a silk pouch, Tulip Fabric Markers, Tulip Glam-it-up iron-on studs and Tulip cordless heat setting tool and your imagination.  The design is done in layers, let the colored part dry before you add black outlines. Let the black layer dry before you add your crystal accents.  The silk fibers allow the markers to bleed, which gives this a pretty watercolor appeal.  Embellish both sides, and then make a bunch of these!  You can do this with silk scarves or ties too...or make your own one of a kind fabrics! It's a breeze using products from iLoveToCreate!

(Click on images to see close up and read text.)


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