Sunday, March 29

Secret Message Bracelet, DIY

 Want to send a secret message to the one you love, family or friend?
 Here is a great way to sneak a message into a bracelet. 
When they wear the bracelet, it will always remind them of you.
Things you need.

X-acto knife
Cutting board
Aleene's Glue
 Have you seen these Tulip Fabric Markers
These Fabric Markers are so great for decorating anything Fabric.
 Lampshades, Shoes, Shirts, Pillows, Curtains, Canvas bags the possibilities are forever.
To cut your bracelet  mark about an inch wide at one end
 and gradually taper the leather to a point.

 It ends up  looking  like a really long Triangle.
 Punch two holes at the bigger end about an inch apart.
 Wrap the bracelet twice around your arm and
put the small end of the leather  through the holes
 to secure it.
Now let us create a secret message.
I found this on the internet by searching bar-code letters.
Also on Pinterest
Figure out what you want to say.
I picked one word,
I started with just random stripes
Use what ever color you want in your Tulip Fabric Markers
 I used brown and black.
I drew out my code for for the word "love"  on a piece of paper and copied it to my bracelet,
I placed my word in between the two brown stripes.
If you have several words place a different color stripe between each word.

Then on certain brown stripes I put a little Aleene's glue.
Sprinkle  with some glitter.
just for that extra sparkle.
Let that dry for about 8 hours.
 Brush off your extra glitter,
 place a little glue on top of the glitter to seal it.
Now you have a secret message bracelet to give to someone you care about.
*Print a copy of the code and put it with the bracelet
and let them figure out the message you gave them.

 Have fun and be creative, it's good for your mind.
For more of my DIY head over to my Blog,
Have a Wonderful Sunday
Lots of <3,


Cami said...

This is a beautiful, clever, and creative project!

Cindyzs (cindy stewart/freespiritczs) said...

great idea!! wonder if they just have word barcodes as well? gotta check it out now, lol :D tfs :)

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