Wednesday, August 19

DIY- Patterned Baby Onesies

Happy HUMP day! I seriously wish I had a baby that I could put these cute onesies on. What I am really wondering is why I didn't think to do this when my now 15 year old was a baby! Well no worries, Jaderbomb is here to save the day. You no longer have to buy those boring store bought onesies because today I will show you how to make your own with minimal products. What makes this project awesome is the fabric markers! Not just any fabric markers, Tulip fabric markers! Who's ready to get started...I know I am! I will be showing you how to make 4 different designs that everyone will LOVE!

You will need: Tulip Fabric Markers | Plain Onesies | Ruler (optional) | Masking Tape 

YO! Here is just a snippet of the bright and beautiful colors that I will be using today. These are pretty enough to keep in a clear glass displayed in your home or studio! These chunky ones have a great brush tip.
These smaller ones have a fine tip that is great when detailing things. What I love the most about Tulip's markers is the variety of colors. 
P.S. Before you start adding ink I suggest placing piece of paper inside of the onesie to prevent bleeding to the back. 

For the first design I put two pieces of masking tape across my onesie to create a horizontal triangle. Once you do this you can start shading in the triangle. What I found works best is brushing from top to bottom then bottom to top. This helps with the bleeding. 

The first coat will be light so you will have to add one or possibly two more coats. I like to have an iron around to press what I filled in before moving on to the next color. Make sure to remove the tape before ironing. If you do NOT iron and move onto the  next color, it will bleed.  

Continue this process until you add multiple colored triangles. I like to overlap my colors for this!
For the next onesie I typed this with black ink in photoshop then printed it out. If you do NOT have photoshop you can use any other program that allows you to type, or you can simply print something off of the internet. 
Once you print it out then you can cut it out. Next you want to place it on the inside of onesie allowing you to faintly see the image. 
Once it is in place grab the color you want and start adding dots around the words until you can start to read your words. I then added two more colors to add some variety in the dots. How cool is this! You can do your baby's name and it will be a dotted monogram! 
How cute is this!!!! OH HEY!
For my next onesie I printed a design off of the internet and followed the same steps as above. 
I love the little pops of color within my geometric design. 
I really LOVE THIS ONE! Don't you?!?!? 
So it's really that simple! In no time you have created one of a kind baby onesies. I think these would be so cute as gifts! 

Have ANY questions feel free to leave them in the comment section below! Big hugs! Hey! Wanna learn how to make your own mugs? Come check it out HERE!
  Huge glittery hugs, JADERBOMB
—See you in the next post! Visit me on FacebookTwitter,Pinterest, or Instagram!


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